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Automotive Engineering Research Institute of Jiangsu University is a full-time scientific research institution of Jiangsu University. With the guiding ideology of "facing the independent innovation needs of the national automotive industry, facing the development strategy of the University's advantageous disciplines, and facing the cultivation of high-level innovative talents", and the development...
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Chen long, Professor, director, member of the committee, vice chairman and Party group of the Chinese society of automotive engineering, vice chairman of the China intelligent electric vehicle professional committee, member of China Electric Vehicle Standards Committee, vice chairman of Jiangsu automotive engineering society, outstanding young and medium-aged experts in...
The Automotive Engineering Research Institute of Jiangsu University focuses on the basic, cutting-edge and applied research in the field of automotive engineering. It has four research centers: "modern vehicle dynamics and control research center", "intelligent networked vehicle and future transportation research center", "vehicle power supply system technology research center" and "hybrid vehicle technology research center", There are seven research institutes and four laboratories.
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