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Post-doctoral Station

Traffic and Transportation Engineering

Jiangsu University's discipline of Traffic and transportation engineering closely focuses on the basic theory and key technologies in the field of transportation engineering, and has carried out more systematic research in the fields of road vehicle dynamic performance simulation and control, transportation comprehensive energy conservation and new energy application, traffic safety, transportation system planning theory, traffic information and control, traffic environmental protection (emission control and noise control), transportation equipment reliability and fault monitoring, tire-ground (road bridge) dynamic coupling theory and application. Formed a road vehicle as a carrier, to transport safety, energy conservation, environmental protection, new energy technology and operational quality control as the main direction of attack, to "automotive-traffic-social" coordinated development as the main line of discipline characteristics. The discipline was approved by the Ministry of Personnel and Social Security in 2009 to set up a postdoctoral research mobile station.

       The overall plan of the construction and development of the discipline of transportation engineering: adhere to the road transportation system as the center, the vehicle and power discipline as the support, information and management as the means, the system and technology integration as the main line, basic research and applied research, highlighting the characteristics, hard and soft combination, overall consideration, coordinated development. Scientific research focus: to ensure that the transport vehicle in the transport process safe and reliable work and give full play to its inherent performance, improve the efficiency of transportation as the goal, pay attention to transport safety, modern logistics, vehicle information, safe driving vehicle safety, new concept carrier tools and applications, new energy and energy conservation, intelligent transport system (ITS), traffic information collection, traffic simulation and control.


Mechanical Engineering

The department of mechanical engineering of Jiangsu University is one of the oldest traditional advantages and one of the core supporting disciplines of the engineering characteristics of Jiangsu University. The discipline now has the first level of mechanical engineering discipline doctoral point and post-doctoral mobile station, mechanical manufacturing and automation, mechanical design and theory, mechanical and electronic engineering, vehicle engineering, such as 4 second-level discipline doctoral points, mechanical engineering, instrument science and technology, optical engineering three first-level discipline master's point. Mechanical engineering, vehicle engineering, instrumentation engineering, optical engineering and other engineering master's degree authorized fields.

The discipline has "photonic manufacturing science and technology" Key laboratory in Jiangsu Province, key laboratory in Jiangsu Province of Tribology, key laboratory in Jiangsu Province of Automotive Engineering, key laboratory of laser shock wave technology machinery industry, technical supervision of automotive and motorcycle product quality inspection station in Jiangsu Province and other teaching and research bases. It has a graduate innovation and academic exchange center in the field of modern manufacturing in Jiangsu Province, a joint training graduate demonstration base of "production, learning and research" in mechanical engineering in Jiangsu Province, and a research center for information engineering technology in the manufacturing industry in Zhenjiang City.

The main research directions: laser advanced manufacturing and material table interface performance characterization, micro-nano manufacturing, cross-scale design and electronic integrated manufacturing, high-efficiency precision processing and forming processing technology, optical mechatronics integration technology and system integration, intelligent integrated transmission and complex mechanical systems, modern design methods, intelligent agricultural equipment and robots, automotive integrated performance research and control, optical optics, photoacoustic heat and optical devices.


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