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Disciplines Introduction

Traffic and Transportation Engineering

"Transportation engineering" is the "twelfth five-year" and "thirteenth five-year" in Jiangsu province to determine the level of the key discipline of doctoral degree, now has a hybrid vehicle technology state local engineering research center, key high-end equipment structure health management international joint research center and so on four national platform and nine provincial key laboratory, mainly around the road transportation, With road vehicle operation safety, energy saving and high quality as the main line and the coordinated development of "automobile, road, traffic and society" as the goal, the school has built an advantageous discipline featuring dynamic simulation and operation control of vehicles and traffic safety prevention and control, with high-end talents gathering and remarkable social results.

Subject to explore the road transportation international academic front, adapt to the need of the major national and local economy the main, set up five disciplines are: road transport tools dynamic performance control, intelligent car - road synergies with auxiliary driving, transportation, energy saving and environmental protection, vehicle operation control and intelligent traffic, traffic safety and big data.

Aiming at the sustainable development needs of China's road traffic and transportation engineering industry, the discipline relies on the National Virtual simulation experimental Teaching center, practical teaching base, and more than 30 graduate and post-doctoral workstations to cultivate interdisciplinary talents engaged in frontier scientific research and industrial technological innovation in the field of transportation.


Vehicle Engineering

Vehicle engineering is the traditional characteristic subject of our schoolwhich is the country's 3rd vehicle engineering school major, the country's 4th vehicle engineering doctoral degree discipline (now for national characteristics of professional, national first-class professional).It is now a key discipline in Jiangsu Province, building a platform institution such as the National Joint Engineering Research Center for Hybrid Vehicle Technology, the Key Laboratory for Automotive Engineering, the Key Laboratory for the Application of New Technology for Road Carrier Tools, the Quality Technology Supervision and Product Quality Inspection Station of Automobile and Motorcycle In Jiangsu Province.

The main research areas are: modern design and test technology for vehicles and components, vehicle vibration noise control, vehicle safety and energy saving technology, vehicle electronic control technology, vehicle structure dynamic design and lightweight technology, hybrid and pure electric vehicle matching and key component technology, etc.

In recent years, in the field of new energy electric vehicles, new vehicle safety technologies and vehicle NVH research, a research team with a spirit of cooperation, innovation and cross-discipline has been established to complete the development of electric vehicles and components, and to form specialized technologies with independent intellectual property rights.


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