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About Us

Automotive Engineering Research Institute of Jiangsu University is a university-level full-time scientific research institution, which was established under the background of building a research-oriented university. The school aims at fostering morality and talents, takes discipline construction as its leading role and talent strategy as its foundation, and adapts to the national strategy, the frontier of scientific and technological development and the needs of local economic subjects. Relying on more than 10 national and provincial scientific research and teaching platforms to train talents. The doctoral discipline of vehicle engineering and transportation engineering has its talent resources, equipment conditions and scientific research advantages. It is committed to tackling cutting-edge technologies and basic theories in the field of vehicle transportation, solving the "bottleneck" problem of the industry, and striving to build a first-class scientific research innovation highland and talent training base with domestic and international influence.

At present, The Automotive Engineering Research Institute has four research centers, including "Advanced Vehicle Dynamics and Control Research Center", "Intelligent Connected Vehicle and Future Transportation Research Center", "Vehicle Power System Technology Research Center" and "Hybrid Electric Vehicle Technology Research Center". There are altogether seven research institutes and four laboratories under the institute. Since its establishment in 2010, the Automotive Engineering Research Institute, as one of the main forces, has established the superior disciplines of "new energy vehicles", "Mechanical Engineering" and "Computer Science and Technology" in Jiangsu Province, as well as the key disciplines of "Transportation Engineering" and "Vehicle Engineering" in Jiangsu Province. The discipline now has three national teaching and research platforms, namely, the National Engineering Technology Center for Hybrid Electric Vehicle Technology, the National Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Center and the National Practical Education Center. Jiangsu Province Key Laboratory of New Technology Application of Road Vehicle, Jiangsu Intelligent Vehicle and Operation Engineering Research Center, Jiangsu Province New Energy Vehicle Electric Drive System and Intelligent Control Engineering research center and other 7 provincial-level scientific research platforms provide a solid guarantee for scientific research and professional training.

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