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Meng Xiangpeng


Meng Xiangpeng

Professional Title

Senior Engineer


Short Biography

Education Background

Ph.D.(2018.9-Now), Vehicle Engineering, Jiangsu University

M.E.(2011.9-2014.6), Vehicle Engineering,   Jiangsu University

B.E.(2007.9-2011.6), Mechanical Engineering   and Automation, Qingdao University

Working Experience

2021.7-Now, Senior Engineer of Automotive Engineering   Research Institute, Jiangsu University

2016.9-2021.6, Engineer of Automotive Engineering   Research Institute, Jiangsu University

2014.9-2016.8, Assistant Engineer of Automotive   Engineering Research Institute, Jiangsu University

Teaching Courses

1. Automobile   Structure

2. Automotive   Electronic Control Technology

Research Fields

Vehicle   dynamic performance simulation and simulation

Research Projects

1. Natural   Science Research in Colleges and Universities of Jiangsu Province, Study on   dynamic suppression mechanism of negative vertical vibration effect of in-wheel   motor direct drive electric vehicle

Selected Publications

1. Meng Xiangpeng, Ding Renkai, Sun Zeyu, Wang   Ruochen, Chen Long. Multi-mode switching control of hybrid electromagnetic   suspension based on road conditions adaptation, Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, 2020, 58(3):697-710.   (SCI)

2. Meng Xiangpeng, Wang Ruochen, Ding Renkai, Chen   Long. Optimal Design and Experimental Research on a New Hybrid   Electromagnetic Actuator for Vehicles,   IEEE Access, 2020, 8:95768-95778. (SCI)

3. Meng Xiangpeng, Wang Ruochen, Ding Renkai,   Chen Long. Research on the Mode Switching Control of Vehicle Electromagnetic   Suspension Employing Linear Motor, International   Journal of Vehicle Systems Modelling and Testing, 2020, 14(2-3): 195-214.   (EI)

4. Meng Xiangpeng, Ding Renkai, Wang Ruochen, Qian   Yuchen, Chen Long. Design and Experimental Research of Electromagnetic Hybrid   Suspension System Based on Active-Semi-Active Hybrid Control. Transaction of Beijing Institute of   Technology, 2018, 38:173-178. (EI)

5. Meng Xiangpeng, Sun Zeyu, Ding Renkai, Wang   Ruochen, Chen Long. Energy-saving mechanism and experiment of hybrid   electromagnetic active suspension based on improved skyhook control, Journal of Jiangsu University (Natural   Science Edition),2020,41(6):625-633.

6. Meng Xiangpeng, Wang Ruochen, Xi Huanhuan, Sun   Zeyu, Xie Jian. Study on the coordination control of active suspension   employing linear motor based on co-simulation. Journal of Guangxi University (Nat Sci Ed), 2015,   40(6):1365-1371.

7. Wang Ruochen, Meng Xiangpeng,   Shi Dehua, Zhang Xiaoliang, Chen Yuexia, Chen Long. Design and test of   vehicle suspension system with inerters.   Proc IMechE Part C: J Mechanical Enigeering Science,   2014,228(15):2684-2689. (SCI)

8. Wang Ruochen, Meng Xiangpeng,   Shi Dehua, Chen Bing, Chen Long, Xi Ning. Fuzzy Control of Vehicle ISD Simi-active   Suspension, Transactions of the Chinese   Society for Agricultural Machinery, 2013,44(12):1-5. (EI)

9. Wang Ruochen, Meng XiangpengShi Dehua, Zhang   Xiaoliang, Chen Long. Structure parameters design and bench test research on   suspension system with inerters. China Science Paper, 2013,8(11):1165-1168.

Selected   Patents

1. Meng Xiangpeng, Wang Ruochen, Ji Yunhua, Sun Zeyu, Xiejian, Chen Long. A hydraulic   interconnected suspension pipeline connection mode switching device and   control method.

2. Wang   Ruochen, Meng Xiangpeng, Shi   Dehua, Chen Long. Layered controller of active energy recovery suspension   with adjustable three-stage damping and its construction method.

3. Wang   Ruochen, Meng Xiangpeng, Shi   Dehua, Chen Long. Support vector machine generalized inverse composite   controller of active suspension and its construction method


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