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Key Laboratory of New Technology Application of Road Transport Tools in Jiangsu Province

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Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory of New Technology Application of Road Transport Tools is a provincial science and technology infrastructure project approved by Jiangsu provincial government in September 2008. The construction and operation of the laboratory is supported by the disciplines of vehicles, power, machinery and materials of Jiangsu University, with information and management as the means, system and technology integration as the main line, basic research and application research being paid equal attention, highlighting the characteristics, combining software and hardware, and the research results being applied to the automobile-based transportation industry.

The scientific research of the laboratory mainly focuses on the scientific and technological problems in the process and application of road vehicles, including dynamics, application, energy-saving, safety and materials of automobile and manufacturing, transportation management and safety design, etc., which strives to achieve innovative results in the operation quality of road vehicles, new material application, power system and new energy, manufacturing and maintenance, safety and reliability.

Main research directions:

1.The dynamics of road vehicle system and control technology

2. The power system of carrier vehicle and new energy applications

3. New materials and reliability of carrier vehicle

4. Manufacturing and agile maintenance theory and technology of key components of carrier vehicle

5. Road vehicles and traffic safety technologies


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