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Sino National Virtual Simulation Experiment Teaching Center of Vehicle Engineering

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Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Center of Vehicle Engineering of Jiangsu University was approved as a national Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Center in 2016. In 2018, the Virtual Simulation Experiment of Vehicle Body Structure Crashworthiness and Occupant Protection Evaluation was awarded as a National Virtual simulation experimental Teaching project. The virtual simulation experiment teaching center of vehicle engineering is relying on the “the national engineering practice education center of vehicle engineering” and “national engineering training center (industrial center)”, “the country-local joint engineering research center of hybrid vehicle technology”, “the key laboratory of automotive engineering in Jiangsu province”, “ the key laboratory of new technology application on road transport tools in Jiangsu province”, “the key laboratory of electric vehicle drive and intelligent control in Jiangsu province”, “the public technical service platform of new energy vehicle in Jiangsu province and is built by high-quality discipline resources such as mechanical engineering, vehicle engineering, transportation engineering, power machinery and engineering. After more than 10 years of development, there has formed a modern virtual simulation experiment platform of vehicle engineering with the virtuality and reality mutually promoting and complementing and research depth fusion, strong radiation ability, so that the students can carry out efficient, economic, safe experiment in the open, independent and interactive virtual environment, having solved perplex problems of the high-cost and high-consumption, high-risk experiment of vehicle engineering profession.


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