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Sino - Local Joint Engineering Research Center for Hybrid Electric Vehicle Technology

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In view of the weak independent innovation capacity of hybrid electric vehicles in the development of energy saving and new energy vehicle industry in China, and the urgent demand for performance matching and electronic control technology of hybrid electric vehicles, a research and development platform of hybrid electric vehicle technology is built. The research on electromechanical coupling control of hybrid electric vehicle power system, drive control, vehicle chassis system dynamic performance matching and other key technologies is launched. a hybrid intelligent control system, electrification chassis integration, energy recovery and management of key technologies are broken through to meet the needs of improving the innovation ability of energy-saving and new energy vehicle industry and promoting regional economic development.

Main research directions:

1. Study the engineering development strategy, standards and specifications of hybrid electric vehicles

2. Improve the test and analysis ability of various hybrid electric vehicles

3. Breakthroughs in key technologies for the emerging industrialization of hybrid electric vehicles

4. Establish personnel training and engineering technology exchange centers.

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