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Zhu Zhen


Zhu Zhen

Professional Title

Associate Professor


Short Biography

Education Background

Ph.D.(2013.9-2016.6), Vehicle Engineering, Jiangsu University

M.E.(2010.9-2013.6), Vehicle Operation   Engineering, Jiangsu University

B.E.(2005.9-2009.6), Jiangsu University

Working Experience

2019.4-now, Associate professor of Automotive   Engineering Research Institute, Jiangsu University

2016.6-2019.3, Lecturer of Automotive Engineering   Research Institute, Jiangsu University

Teaching Courses

1. Vehicle   System Dynamics

Research Fields

1. Transmission   theory and design

2. Vehicle   drive-line dynamics

3. Theory   of modern control and Statistical analysis

Research Projects

1. National   Natural Science Foundation of China, Study on transmission law and control mechanism of multi-mode   energy-saving mechanical-liquid composite system for high-horsepower tractor   under the integration of human-machine-environment.

2. Chinese   Postdoctoral Science Foundation, Study on interactive control of multi-mode energy-saving   hydraulic transmission system of high-horsepower tractor.

Selected Publications

1. Zhen Zhu *,Xiang Gao,Leilei Cao. Research on the shift strategy of HMCVT based   on the physical parameters and shift time, Applied Mathematical Modelling,   2016, 40(2016): 6889-6907.(SCI)

2. Zhen Zhu *,Long Chen,Chaochun Yuan. Global replacement-based differential   evolution with neighbor-based memory for dynamic optimization, Applied   intelligence, 2018, 48 (2018): 3280-3294.(SCI)

3. Zhen Zhu *, Xiang Gao,Leilei Cao. Analysis   on the adaptive filter based on LMS algorithm, Optik, 127 (2016): 4698-4704.(SCI)

Selected   Patents

1. Zhen Zhu *, Xiang Gao, Changgao Xia. Clutch hydraulic control system of single   planetary manifold hydraulic machinery stepless gearbox.

2. Zhen Zhu *,Xiang Gao,Daoyuan Pan. Efficiency test   bench for electro-hydraulic proportional pump-controlled motor system.


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