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Zhang Xiaoliang



Zhang Xiaoliang

Professional   Title

Associate   Professor


Short   Biography

Education Background

Ph.D(2009.09-2012.06),   Vehicle Engineering, Jiangsu University

M.S.(2006.09-2009.06),   Vehicle Engineering, Jiangsu University

B.E.(2006.09-2009.06),   Automobiles and Tractors, Henan University of Science and Technology

Working Experience

2015.07-now Associate Professor of Automotive Engineering   Research Institute, Jiangsu University

2012.07-2015.06, Lecturer of Automotive Engineering Research Institute, Jiangsu University

2005.03-2006.08, Product   engineer of SCHEUERLE Industry Transporters (Shanghai)   Co., Ltd.

2004.03-2005.02, Product   engineer of SANY Heavy Machine Shanghai Research   Institute

2001.09-2004.02, Product engineer of Hangzhou Advance Gearbox Group Co., Ltd.

Teaching   Courses

1. Construction of Automobile

2. Innovative product design

Research   Fields

1. Simulation and control of vehicle dynamic   performance

2. Design theory and method of the inerter

3. Inerter-spring-damper (ISD) suspension   systems and control

4. Mechanical memory elements and nonlinear   vibration

Research   Projects

1. Dynamic matching mechanism and continuous   coordination control of shyhook inertance and damping semi-active suspension   (NSFC51875257), supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China.   (In Progress, Principal)

2. ISD suspension matching mechanism and   control based on multi-port mechanical network theory (NSFC51405202),   supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China. (Principal)

3. Coordinated control of inertance and   damping of inerter-spring-damper controllable suspension system (BK20130521),   supported by Jiangsu provincial committee of Science and Technology.   (Principal)

4. Research and development of key   technologies for advanced vehicle ISD suspension (BE2013096), supported by   the Science and Technology Support Program of Jiangsu Province. (Principal)

5. Matching mechanism and control between ISD   suspension and multi-port mechanical network of full car (2015M570408),   supported by the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation. (Principal)

6. Research and application of adjustable   inertance and damping suspension (2013-JNHB-001), supported by the Six Talent   Peaks Program of Jiangsu Province of China. (Principal)

7. Network synthesis design method of   suspension systems based on a triangular periodic table of elementary   mechanical elements (NSFC51805223), supported by National Natural Science   Foundation of China. (In Progress, Co-Principal with Prof. Jiamei Nie)

Selected   Publications

1. Xiaoliang Zhang*, Can Geng, Jiemei Nie, Qiao Gao. The missing mem-inerter and extended   mem-dashpot found,   Nonlinear Dynamics. 2020,   101(2), 835–856 (SCI paper).

2. Xiaoliang Zhang*, Can Geng, Jiemei Nie, Qiao Gao. Modelling and   characteristic test for hydraulic mem-inerter device.   Journal of Zhejiang University. 2021, 5(3), 430–440 (EI paper).

3. Xiaoliang Zhang*, Zhang Tian, Nie Jiamei, Chen Long. A semi-active skyhook-inertance   control strategy based on continuously adjustable inerter. Shock and   Vibration.   2018(1). (SCI paper)

4. Xiaoliang Zhang*, Qiao Gao, Jiamei Nie. The mem-inerter: A new mechanical element with   memory. Advances in Mechanical Engineering, 2018, 10(6), 1-13. (SCI paper)

5. Xiaoliang Zhang*, Huaxin Zhang, Tao Jiang. Vehicle Road Test of ISD Suspension with   Inerter and Damper Connected in Series. Automotive Engineering. 2017, 37(7),   693-697. (EI paper)

6. Xiaoliang Zhang*, Zhenxing Huang, Jiamei Nie. Influence of the Parasitic Damping and   Additional Stiffness on the Hybrid-connected ISD Suspension. Transactions of   Beijing Institute of Technology. 2017, 37(7), 693-697. (EI paper)

7. Xiaoliang Zhang*, Jiamei Nie, Chaochun Yuan, Yongtao Hou. A passive realization method   of ideal skyhook damping. Transactions of Beijing Institute of Technology.   2014, 34(1), 22-26. (EI paper)

8. Xiaoliang Zhang*, Jiamei Nie, Long Chen. Passive realization method of ideal groundhook   damping based on simscape. Journal of Vibration and Skock. 2014, 33(24),   26-31. (EI paper)

9. Long Chen, Xiaoliang Zhang,   Jiamei Nie, Ruochen Wang. Performance analysis of two-stage series-connected   ISD suspension based on half-car model[J]. Journal of Mechanical Engineering.   2012, 48(6)102-108.   (EI paper)

10. Xiaoliang Zhang*, Jianjun Liu, Jiamei Nie,   Long Chen. Design principle and method of a passive hybrid damping suspension   system. Applied Mechanics and Materials. 2014, 635-637, 1232-1240. (EI paper)

11. Xiaoliang Zhang*, Jiamei Nie. Influence of   the friction force on the frequency response characteristics of ballscrew   inerter. Mechanical Science and Technology for Aerospace Engineering. 2015,   34(5), 770-774.

12. Xiaoliang Zhang*, Jiamei Nie, Ruochen Wang,   Long Chen. Passive skyhook-damping suspension system based on   inerter-spring-damper structural system. Transactions of the Chinese Society   of Agricultural Machinery. 2013, 44(10), 17-22. (EI paper)

13. Xiaoliang Zhang*, Jiamei Nie. Design and   Characteristics Analysis of Passive Groundhook-Damping Suspension System.   Journal of Machine Design and Research. 2014, 30(6), 170-173.

14. Xiaoliang Zhang*, Long   Chen, Jiamei Nie, Ruochen Wang, Yuexia Chen. Analysis and Experiment of Frequency   Response Characteristics of a Two-stage Series-connected ISD Suspension.   Journal of Jiangsu   University. 2012, 33(3), 255-258. (EI paper)

Selected Patents

1. Xiaoliang Zhang, Jiamei Nie,   Zhenxing Huang, Long Chen. Hydraulic Mem-Inerter Device And Its Application,   2021, U.S. patent 11078981.

2. Long Chen, Xiaoliang Zhang, Jiamei   Nie, Haobin Jiang, Ruochen Wang. Passive skyhook and ground damping vibration   isolation system. U.S. patent 9074652B2.

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