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Ye Qing


Ye Qing

Professional Title



Short Biography

Education Background

CSC.(2018.09-2019.08),LTA, Université de Picardie Jules Verne, France.

Ph.D.(2015.9-2019.6), Vehicle Engineering, Jiangsu University

M.E.(2012.9-2015.6), Vehicle Engineering,   Jiangsu University

B.E.(2008.9-2012.6), Vehicle Engineering,   Jiangsu University

Working Experience

2019.8-now, Lecturer of Automotive Engineering Research   Institute, Jiangsu University

Research Fields

1. Intelligent   vehicle motion control

2. Vehicle   dynamic modeling

Research Projects

1. Youth   Project of National Natural Science Foundation of China: Lateral-Vertical   Coupling Mechanism and Control Strategy of Autonomous Vehicle Based on   Inverse Dynamics Model, 52102459, Presided.

2. Jiangsu   Youth Foundation Project: Research on transverse - vertical coupling inverse   dynamics modeling and intelligent hierarchical control of intelligent vehicle,   BK20200909. Presided.

3. China   Postdoctoral Foundation project: Research on transverse-vertical coupling   inverse dynamics modeling and intelligent hierarchical control of intelligent   vehicle, 2020M671381. Presided.

4. Key   Joint Fund project of National Natural Science Foundation of China: Research   on Dynamic Behavior Modeling and cooperative control of intelligent Vehicle   multi-state System, U1564201. Participants.

5. National Natural Science Foundation of China:   Dynamic Modeling and Coordinated Supervision control of active Energy   Regenerative Hybrid Suspension Multi-mode Switching system. 51575240. Participants.  

6. Jiangsu   Province Graduate Student Scientific Research Innovation project: Research on   dynamic Coupling mechanism and Multi-state Coordinated Control of intelligent   Vehicle, KYLX16-0869, Presided.

Selected Publications

1. Qing Ye*,   Ruochen Wang, Yingfeng Cai, et al. The stability and accuracy analysis of   automatic steering system with time delay[J], ISA Transactions, 2020, 104:   278-286.

2. Qing Ye,   Ruochen Wang*, Yingfeng Cai, et al. A study of the novel vision guided IV   trajectory tracking control system based on expected yaw velocity [J].   Advance in engineering software, 2019, 131: 196-204.

3. Qing Ye*,   Ruochen Wang, Yingfen Cai, et al. Research on Modeling and Compensation   Control Strategy of Automatic Steering System [J], Science Progress. 2020,   103(1): 1-23.

4. Ruochen Wang*, Qing Ye,   Yingfen Cai, et al. Analyzing the influence of automatic steering system on   the trajectory tracking accuracy of intelligent vehicle [J]. Advance in   engineering software, 2018, 121: 188-196.

5. Ruochen Wang, Qing Ye, Zeyu   Sun, Weiqi Zhou, Yichuan Cao, Long Chen. A study of the hydraulically   interconnected inerter-spring-damper suspension system[J]. Mechanics Based   Design of Structures and Machines, 2016, 45(4): 415-429.

6. Wang Ruochen, Ye Qing, Sun Zeyu, Zhou Weiqi, Chen Long. The study   of mode switch of the hydraulically   interconnected Inerter-Spring-Damper suspension system[J], Journal of Mechanical Engineering,   2017, 53(6): 110-115.


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