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​Wang Nan


Wang Nan

Professional Title

Associate Professor


Short Biography

Education Background

2008.09~2012.06 Jinan University Bachelor of Materials Science   and Engineering

2012.09~2017.06   Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Doctor of Materials Science and   Engineering

Working Experience

2020.7-now, Associate professor of Automotive   Engineering Research Institute, Jiangsu University

2017.07-2020.06 Lecturer,   Automotive Engineering Research Institute, Jiangsu University

Research Fields

1. Materials physics and   chemistry,

2. Anti-icing

3. Tribology

4. Anti-corrosion

Research Projects

1. National   Natural Science Foundation of China, Superhydrophobic/humidity-response   composited structure on magnesium alloy and study of its synergetic protection

Selected Publications

1. Nan   Wang, Dangsheng Xiong, Yaling Deng, et al. Mechanically robust   superhydrophobic steel surface with anti-icing, UV-durability, and corrosion   resistance properties.ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2015, 7,   6260-6272.

2. Nan   Wang, Yao Lu, Dangsheng Xiong, Claire J. Carmalt and Ivan P.   Parkin. Designing durable and flexible superhydrophobic coatings and its   application in oil purification. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2016, 4,   4107–4116

3. Nan   Wang, L. Tang, W. Tong , et al. Fabrication of robust and scalable   superhydrophobic surfaces and investigation of their anti-icing properties.   Materials and Design, 2018, 156, 320–328

4. Nan   Wang, L. Tang, et al.Lyophobic slippery surfaces on   smooth/hierarchical structured substrates andinvestigations of their dynamic   liquid repellency. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2019, 21, 15705-1571.  

5. Nan   Wang,Lingling Tang, Yingfeng Cai, et al. Scalable superhydrophobic   coating with controllable wettability and investigations of its drag reduction.   Colloids and Surfaces A, 555 (2018) 290-295.

6. Nan   Wang, Dangsheng Xiong, Yao Lu, et al. Design and fabrication of   the lyophobic slippery surface and its application in anti-icing. The Journal   of Physical Chemistry C, 2016, 120, 1105411059

7. Nan   Wang,Dangsheng Xiong, Sai Pan, et al.Fabrication of   superhydrophobic and lyophobic slippery surface on steel substrate. Applied   Surface Science, 2016, 387, 1219–1224

8. Nan   Wang, Dangsheng Xiong, Sai Pan, et al. Robust superhydrophobic   coating and the anti-icing properties of its lubricants-infused-composite   surface under condensing condition. New Journal of Chemistry, 2017, 41,   1846-1853.

9. Nan   Wang, Dangsheng Xiong, M. Li, et al. Superhydrophobic surface on   steel substrate and its anti-icing property in condensing conditions, Applied   Surface Science, 2015, 355, 226–232

10. Nan Wang, Dangsheng Xiong,   Influence of TMES on the wetting behavior, humidity resistance and   transparency of TEOS based films, Applied Surface Science, 2014, 292, 68-73

11. Nan Wang, Dangsheng Xiong,   Superhydrophobic membranes on metal substrate and their corrosion protection   in different corrosive media, Applied Surface Science, 2014, 305, 603-608

12. Nan Wang, Dangsheng Xiong,   Comparison of micro-/nano-hierarchical and nano-scale roughness of silica   membranes in terms of wetting behavior and transparency, Colloids and   Surfaces A, 2014, 446, 8-14

13. Nan Wang,Dangsheng Xiong,   Sai Pan, et al. Superhydrophobic paper with superior stability against   deformations and humidity. Applied Surface Science, 2016, 389, 354–360

14. Sai Pan,Nan   Wang, Dangsheng Xiong, et al. Fabrication of superhydrophobic   coating via spraying method and its applications in anti-icing and   anti-corrosion. Applied Surface Science, 2016, 389, 547–553


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