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Pei Lei


Pei Lei

Professional Title



Short Biography

Education Background

Bachelor and Master Degree (2004.9 – 2010.7),   Instrument Science, Harbin Institute of Technology

Doctor Degree (2010.9 – 2016.7), Electrical   Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology

Working Experience

Lecturer (2019.6 - now), Automotive Engineering   Research Institute, Jiangsu University

Teaching Courses

1. Power   Battery technology

2. Present   and Future of Battery

Research Fields

1. Battery   Whole-life Use

2. Energy Harvest   System

Research Projects

1. National   Natural Science Foundation of China, Optimization Strategy of Power Sharing   among Parallel Energy Storage Units at Different Aging States Based on   Modelling of Batteries’ Capacity-loss Trajectories under Coupling Factors

2. Open   Fund of China Electric Power Research Institute, On-line and Quantitative   Diagnostic for Capacity-loss Mechanisms in Second-use Batteries based on the   Extraction of Compound Degradation Characteristics

3. China   Postdoctoral Science Foundation, Cumulative recursive calculation method of   battery capacity loss under time-varying coupling conditions

Selected Publications

1. Jianing Xu, Tiansi Wang*, Lei Pei*, Shitong Mao, and Chunbo Zhu, Parameter identification of electrolyte   decomposition state in lithium-ion batteries based on a reduced pseudo   two-dimensional model with Padé approximation, Journal of Power Sources, 2020, 460: 228093 (SCI, TOP)

2. Tiansi Wang, Lei Pei*,   Tingting Wang, Rengui Lu, and Chunbo Zhu, Capacity-loss diagnostic and   life-time prediction in lithium-ion batteries: Part 1. Development of a   capacity-loss diagnostic method based on open-circuit voltage analysis,   Journal of Power Sources, 2016, 301: 187-193 (SCI, TOP)

3. Lei Pei*,   Tiansi Wang, Rengui Lu, and Chunbo Zhu, Development of a voltage relaxation   model for rapid open-circuit voltage prediction in lithium-ion batteries, Journal   of Power Sources, 2014, 253: 412-418 (SCI, TOP)

Selected   Patents

1. A   method for eliminating the influence of low temperature on the internal   resistance test of energy storage battery. (China Patent Award, Rank 3)


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