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Lv Xiaoxin


Lv Xiaoxin

Professional Title



Short Biography

Education Background

Ph.D.(2011.9-2016.6), Institute of   Functional Nano and Soft Materials Laboratory (FUNSOM), Soochow University

2013.9-2014.2, visiting Xueliang Sun (Andy)’s   group, Western University, Canada

Working Experience

2018.3-now, Lecture, School of Automotive and Traffic   Engineering, Jiangsu University

Research Fields

1. Lithium-ion   batteries (LIBs) for electric vehicles

2. Energy   management for electric vehicles

Research Projects

1. National   Natural Science Foundation of China, Synthesis, Electrochemical Performance   and Mechanism of 3D Graphdiyne-Based Anodes for Flexible Lithium Ion Battery

2. China   Postdoctoral Science Foundation, Transition-metal oxides/3D Graphdiyne   Composite Anodes for High-performance Lithium Ion Battery

Selected Publications

1. Lv, Xiaoxin; Deng, Jiujun; Wang,   Jian; Zhong, Jun*; Sun, Xuhui*. Carbon-coated α-Fe2O3   nanostructures for efficient anode of Li-ion battery. Journal of   Materials Chemistry A, 2015, 3, 5183-5188. (SCI)

2. Lv, Xiaoxin; Deng, Jiujun; Sun,   Xuhui*. Cumulative effect of Fe2O3 on TiO2   nanotubes via atomic layer deposition with enhanced lithium ion storage   performance. Applied Surface Science, 2016, 369, 314-319. (SCI)

3. Lv, Xiaoxin; Deng, Jiujun; Wang,   Biqiong; Zhong, Jun; Sham, Tsun-Kong; Sun, Xuhui*; Sun, Xueliang*.   γ-Fe2O3@CNTs anode materials for lithium ion batteries   investigated by electron energy loss spectroscopy. Chemistry of   Materials, 2017, 29, 3499-3506. (SCI)

4. Deng, Jiujun;   Zhuo, Qiqi; Lv, Xiaoxin*.   Hierarchical TiO2/Fe2O3 heterojunction   photoanode for improved photoelectrochemical water oxidation. Journal of   Electroanalytical Chemistry. 2019, 835, 287-292. (SCI)

5. Lv, Xiaoxin;   Shao Shan; Xiao, Ying; Deng, Jiujun*. One-step in-situ formation   of TiO2 nanosheets interconnected hematite photoanode for enhanced   water oxidation. Applied Surface Science, 2021, 560, 150036. (SCI)


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