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He Youguo


Youguo He 

Professional Title

Associate Professor


Short Biography

Education Background

Ph.D.(2005.3-2008.3), Control theory and control engineering, Northeastern University

M.E.(2002.9-2005.3), Communication and information system, Northeastern University

B.E.(1996.9-2000.7), Communication engineering, Liaoning University of Technology

Working Experience

2015.3-now, Associate professor of Automotive Engineering Research Institute, Jiangsu University

2008.3-2015.3, Associate Professor of Faculty of Information Engineering, Shenyang University

2000.7-2008.3, Lecturer of Department of Electronic Engineering, Shenyang Artillery Academy

2010.8-2012.10, Chief engineer of electronic control of Automotive Engineering Research Institute, Chery Co., Ltd., postdoctoral

2017.10-2018.10, Visiting scholar, University of Michigan-Dearborn

Teaching Courses

1. Intelligent networked vehicle technology

2. The principle and application of single chip microcomputer

Research Fields

1. Vehicle Active Safety

2. Vehicle Control System

3. Autonomous driving

Research Projects

1. National Key R&D Plan (Subtask): Design of Precision Manipulation Control System for Driving Robots for Different Vehicle ModelsHost, Under research

2. Jiangsu province "six talent peaks" high level talent project, Driving behavior prediction system of forward vehicle based on machine visionHost, Closing

3. Jiangsu Postdoctoral Fund Project: Research on Autonomous Driving Vehicle Control Algorithm Based on Forward Vehicle Driving Behavior in Traffic EnvironmentHost, Closing

4. Liaoning Provincial Department of Education Science and Technology Research Project: Design of Lane Departure System Based on Machine VisionHost, Closing

5. General project of the National Natural Science Foundation of China: Mechanism of safety state evolution of intelligent vehicles under sudden emergency conditions and collaborative control method for human-machine drivingParticipation, Under research

6. General Project of the National Natural Science Foundation of China: Identification of Potential Traffic Accident Risk Characteristics of Intelligent Vehicles and Research on Time Delay Coordination Mechanism of Complex SystemsParticipation, Closing

7. National 863 Project: Driver Status and Behavior Monitoring and Warning Technology and DevicesParticipation, Closing

Selected Publications

1. Youguo He*, Yu Zhou, Yingfen Cai, Chaochun Yuan, Jie Shen. DSC-based RBF neural network control for nonlinear time-delay systems with time-varying full state constraints. ISA Transactions, 2021, 129: 79-90. (SCIIF=7.3)

2. Youguo He*, Xin Liu, Dapeng Wang, Chaochun Yuan, Jie Shen. Adaptive constrained control for automotive electronic throttle control system with experimental analysis. at- Automatisierungstechnik, 2021, 70(2):192-204. (SCI, IF=1.0)

3. Youguo He*, Xiaoxiao Tian, Jie Shen, Chaochun Yuan. Robust stabilization of longitudinal tracking for cooperative adaptive cruise control considering input saturation. Modern Physics Letters B, 2020(3):2050409. (SCI, IF=1.9) 

4. Youguo He*, Xing Gong, Chaochun Yuan, Jie Shen, Yingkui Du. Lateral obstacle avoidance control based on driving behavior recognition of the preceding vehicles in adjacent lanes. at- Automatisierungstechnik, 2020, 68(10):880-892. (SCI, IF=1.0)

5. Youguo He*, Cuandao Lu, Jie Shen, Chaochun Yuan. Design and analysis of output feedback constraint control for antilock braking system based on Burckhardt's model. Assembly Automation, 2019, 39(4):497-513. (SCI, IF=2.1)

Selected Patents

1. Youguo He*, Chaochun Yuan, Long Chen, Haobin Jiang, Yingfen Cai, A Remote Monitoring System and Method for Battery Quality of Electric Vehicle Exchange Station.

2. Youguo He*, Chaochun Yuan, Long Chen, Haobin Jiang, Yingfen Cai. A forward collision avoidance system and collision avoidance algorithm based on forward vehicle driver's driving behavior.

3. Youguo He*, Chaochun Yuan, Long Chen, Haobin Jiang, Yingfen Cai. Envelope reconstruction method of intelligent vehicle safety environment based on forward vehicle driving behavior.

4. Youguo He*, Chaochun Yuan, Long Chen, Haobin Jiang, Yingfen Cai. Envelope reconstruction method for safe driving of intelligent vehicle integrating spatial and dynamic characteristics.

5. Youguo He*, Chaochun Yuan, Long Chen, Haobin Jiang, Yingfen Cai. A driving behavior prediction system and method for forward vehicle drivers.

6. Youguo He*, Xin Liu, Chaochun Yuan, Yingfen Cai. An Acceleration Constraint Control Algorithm for Vehicle Cruise Control System.

7. Youguo He*, Linying Win, Hao Shi, Yujie Shen. A braking force curve planning algorithm for vehicle active braking system based on A-law 13 line.

8. Youguo He*, Yong Cheng, Chaochun Yuan, Yingfen Cai. A State Variable Fully Constrained Direct Yaw Moment Control Algorithm Based on Road Adhesion Coefficient.

9. Youguo He*, Pengjie Geng, Chaochun Yuan, Yingfen Cai. An active fault-tolerant control algorithm and system for the actuator of a four wheel independent wire controlled electric vehicle.

10. Youguo He*, Hao Wu, Shijie Yang, Chaochun Yuan, Wenbiao Shao. An Involute Based Rearview Mirror Tracking Algorithm.

11. Youguo He*, Yu Zhou, Chaochun Yuan, Yingfen Cai, Hai Wang. A Vehicle Lateral Constraint Control Algorithm with Time Delay and Unknown Control Direction.


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