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Cao xuecheng


Cao xuecheng

Professional Title



Short Biography

Education Background

Ph.D.(2014.9–2019.6), New Energy Science and Engineering, Soochow   University

B.E.(2010.9–2014.6), New Energy Materials   and Devices, Soochow University

Working Experience

2019.8–now, Lecturer of Automotive Engineering Research   Institute, Jiangsu University

Research Fields

1. Advanced   electrode materials for energy conversion and storage.

2. Rechargeable   metal-air batteries including Li-air batteries and Zn-air batteries.

3. Electrolyte   synthesis and interfacial optimization of all-solid-state batteries.

Research Projects

1. Jiangsu   Innovative and Entrepreneurial Project.

2. Natural   Science Foundation of the Jiangsu Higher Education Institutions of China.

Selected Publications

1. Xuecheng Cao, Zhixing Chen, Nan Wang,   Zhenyi Han, Xiangjun Zheng*, Ruizhi Yang*, Defected molybdenum disulfide   catalyst engineered by nitrogen doping for advanced lithium–oxygen battery,   Electrochim. Acta 2021, 383, 138369.

2. Zhihui Sun, Xuecheng Cao,*   Meng Tian,* Kai Zeng, Yongxiang Jiang, Mark H. Rummeli, Peter Strasser, and   Ruizhi Yang*, Synergized Multimetal Oxides with Amorphous/Crystalline   Heterostructure as Efficient Electrocatalysts for Lithium–Oxygen Batteries.   Adv. Energy Mater. 2021, 2100110.

3. Xuecheng Cao, Xiangjun Zheng, Zhihui Sun,   Chao Jin, Jinghua Tian, Shaorui Sun*,Ruizhi Yang*, Oxygen Defect-Ridden   Molybdenum Oxide-Coated Carbon Cathodes for LiO2 Batteries. Appl. Catal. B: Environ. 2019, 253, 317–322.

4. Xuecheng Cao, Zhihui Sun, Xiangjun Zheng,   Jinghua Tian, Chao Jin, Ruizhi Yang*, Fan Li, Ping He* and Haoshen Zhou*,   MnCo2O4 Decorated Magnéli Phase Titanium Oxide as a   Carbon-Free Cathode for LiO2 Batteries. J.   Mater. Chem. A 2017, 5, 19991-19996.

5. Xuecheng Cao, Jiao Wu, Chao Jin, Jinghua   Tian, Peter Strasser and Ruizhi Yang*, MnCo2O4 Anchored   on P-Doped Hierarchical Porous Carbon as an Electrocatalyst for   High-Performance Rechargeable LiO2 Batteries. ACS   Catal. 2015, 5, 4890-4896.

Selected   Patents

1. Xueheng Cao*, Nan Wang, Zhenyi Han, 202011021685.X

2. Xueheng Cao*, Nan Wang, Zhenyi Han, 202011026227.5

3. Xuecheng Cao*, Zhenyi Han, Nan Wang, Long Chen, 202110266849.3

4. Xuecheng Cao*, Jialin Fu, Zhenyi Han, Nan Wang, Long Chen, 202111055289.3



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