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Zhang Houzhong


Zhang Houzhong

Professional Title



Short Biography

Education Background

Ph.D.(2005.9-2012.2), Vehicle Engineering, Tongji   University

M.E.(2002.9-2005.6), Vehicle Engineering ,   Jiangsu University

B.E.(1998.9-2002.6), Vehicle Operation   Engineering, Jiangxi Agricultural University

Working Experience

2012.6-now, Lecturer of Automotive Engineering Research   Institute, Jiangsu University

2009.3-2011.3, Software engineer, Shanghai Electric Driving Co., Ltd.

Teaching Courses

1. Automotive   electrical appliances and electronic control

2. Automobile   theory

Research Fields

1. Automotive   system Dynamics and Control

2. Electronic   control of new energy vehicles

3. Development   of automobile test bench

Research Projects

1. National   Natural Science Foundation of China, Research on video vehicle perception method   based on spatio-temporal saliency and variable component model

2. Special   research fund for doctoral programs in Colleges and Universities, Mechanism analysis and control of ECAS vehicle   body height adjustment

3. Ministry   of science and technology, Research on electric wheel assembly test platform under   multi-dimensional composite load

4. High   level talent project of "six talent peaks" in Jiangsu Province, Coupling improvement mechanism and   coordinated control of electro-hydraulic composite ABS for electric wheel   vehicles

5. Key   Laboratory of road and traffic engineering, Ministry of Education, Design and control of active braking system   for L1 intelligent driving vehicle aiming at false stepping of accelerator   pedal

Selected Publications

1. Zhang   Houzhong*, et   al. Application of explicit model predictive   control to a vehicle semi-active suspension system. Journal of Low   Frequency Noise, Vibration and Active Control.2020(3). (SCI)

2. Zhang   Houzhong*, et   al. Lane line recognition based on improved   2D-gamma function and variable threshold Canny algorithm under complex   environment. Measurement and Control.2020(9-10). (SCI)

3. Zhang   Houzhong*, et   al. Stability research of distributed drive   electric vehicle by adaptive direct yaw moment control. IEEE   Access. (SCI)

4. Houzhong   Zhang*, et al. Interacting   multiple model state observer-based coordination control of electro-hydraulic   composite electronic stability program. International Journal of Vehicle   Systems Modelling and Testing. 2020(1) .(EI)

Selected   Patents

1. Zhang   Houzhong*, et   al. An integrated   control system and method for EPS and DYC of electric-wheeled vehicles.   ZL201610278791.3

2. Zhang   Houzhong*, et   al. An   electro-hydraulic compound brake anti-lock braking system and its control   method. ZL202010101416.8

3. Zhang   Houzhong*, et   al. An active braking control system and   control method for preventing misstepping on the accelerator pedal. ZL201910814962.3

4. Shi   Aiping*,Li Fuqiang,Zhang Houzhong, et   al. An electric tractor driven by dual-motor   coupling and its control system. ZL201910189463.X

5. Zhang   Houzhong*, et   al. A stabilization control system and method   for the electro-hydraulic composite body of an electric-wheeled automobile. ZL201910101755.3


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