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Ma ShiDian​



Ma   ShiDian

Professional   Title

Associate   Professor


Short   Biography

Education Background

Ph.D.(2013.9-2021.6), Traffic Information and Control Engineering, Jiangsu   University M.E.(2002.9-2005.6), Mechatronics Engineering, HeFei University of Technology B.E.(1998.9-2002.6),   Mechanical design and   manufacturing Engineering, HeFei University of Technology

Working Experience

2015.7-Now,   Associate Professor, Automotive Engineering Research Institute, JiangSu   University.

2017.9-2018.9,   Visiting Scholar, Wayne State University

2011.9-2015.7,   Lecturer, Automotive Engineering Research Institute, JiangSu University.

2007.11-2011.9,   Engineer, ShangHai Motor Technical Center , SAIC

2005.6-2007.10, Engineer,   DongFeng Nissan Technical Center, DFC

Teaching   Courses

1. Automotive Electrical and Electronic   Control System

2. Microcomputer Principle

Research   Fields

1. ICV(Intelligent Connected Vehicle)

2. Automatic Drive

3. Automobile Electronic Control Technology

4. Traffic Information and Safety

Selected   Publications

1. Shidian Ma*, Weifeng Fang, Haobin Jiang, Mu Han, Chenxu Li. Parking Space   Recognition Method Based on Parking Space Feature Construction in the Scene   of Autonomous Valet Parking, Applied Sciences, 2021, 11(6):1-13.(SCI)

2. Shidian Ma*, Zhongxu Jiang, Haobin Jiang, Mu Han, Chenxu Li. Parking Space   and Obstacle Detection Based on a Vision Sensor and Checkerboard Grid Laser,   Applied Sciences, 2020, 10(7):1-17.(SCI)

3. Shidian Ma*, Haobin Jiang, Mu Han*, Ju Xie, Chenxu Li. Research on Automatic   Parking Systems Based on Parking Scene Recognition, IEEE Access, 2017, 5:   1901 - 1917. (SCI)

Selected Patents

1. Ma Shidian, etc.Test method and system of tire pressure based on   wireless sensor;

2. Ma Shidian, etc. Using acceleration sensor to detect speed device and   its method in the condition of parking lathe;

3. Ma Shidian, etc. A device and method for automatically turning on the   mobile phone mode when driving;

4. Ma Shidian, etc. An anti-telephone fraud system based on speech   recognition and its method;

5. Ma Shidian, etc. A parking guide system and device for parking lot based   on real-time voice prompting;

6. Ma Shidian, etc. An automatic control system to prevent the accidental   stepping on the accelerator;

7. Ma Shidian, etc. Traffic Accident Information processing system based on   BDS and its processingmethod;

8. Ma Shidian, etc. An auxiliary parking system with safety monitoring and   its method;

9. Ma Shidian, etc. A wind power generation device applied to pure electric   vehicle;

10. Ma Shidian, etc. Automobile   anti-theft system based on two-dimensional code.

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