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Pan ChaoFeng


Pan ChaoFeng

Professional Title



Short Biography

Education Background

Ph.D.(2005.9-2008.6),Vehicle Engineering,   Jiangsu University

M.S. ( 2002.9-2005.6) , Agricultural   Mechanization Engineering, Guangxi University

B.E. (1998.9-2002.6), Forest Engineering, Guangxi   University


Working Experience

2018.4-Present, Professor, Automotive Engineering   Research Institute, Jiangsu University

2013.11-2014.11,Visiting Scholar, College of   Engineering, Wayne State University

2012.4-2018.3, Associate Professor, Automotive   Engineering Research Institute, Jiangsu University

2011.1-2012.3, Lecturer, Automotive Engineering   Research Institute, Jiangsu University

2008.7-2010.12, Lecturer, School of Automotive and   Traffic Engineering, Jiangsu University

Teaching Courses

Postgraduate courses:

Automobile Application Engineering; Automotive   engineering experiment equipment and experiment

Undergraduate courses:

Automobile Application Engineering; Logistics   technology and equipment; Automobile theory; New energy vehicles; Fundamentals   of Intelligent Vehicle Technology

Research Fields

1. Ecological   Driving Control and Optimal Energy Management of Electric Vehicle

2. Battery   Management System & Battery thermal behavior

3. Regenerative   Braking System of Electric Vehicle

Research Projects

1. National   Natural Science Foundation of China(Granted Number:51105178), Research on Energy   Management Strategy of Hybrid Energy Storage System of Electric Vehicle Based   on Hierarchical Dynamic Optimization Control

2. National   Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province(Granted Number:BK20171300), Electric Vehicle Energy Optimization Management   Based on Random Fuzzy Energy Consumption and Battery State Estimation

3. National   Key R&D Program of China(Granted Number: 2018YFB0104400), Battery Test and Evaluation Technology

4. Science   and Technology Development Foundation of Shanghai Automotive Industry(Granted   Number:1533), Development of Regenerative Braking System Based on Super Capacitor&   Lithium Battery Hybrid Power Supply

Selected Publications

1. Chaofeng Pan*, Long Chen, Liao Chen, Chen Huang, Meizhi Xie. Research on   energy management of dual energy storage system based on the simulation of   urban driving schedules. International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy   Systems, 44(1), pp 37-42, 2013.SCI, IF=4.630

2. Pan C*, Chen L, Chen L, et al. Research on motor rotational speed   measurement in regenerative braking system of electric vehicle. Mechanical   Systems & Signal Processing, 2016, s 6667(2):829-839. SCI, IF=6.823

3. Chaofeng Pan*, Yanyan Liang, Long Chen, et al. Optimal Control for   Hybrid Energy Storage Electric Vehicle to Achieve Energy Saving Using Dynamic   Programming Approach. Energies, 2019, 12(4):588. SCI, IF=3.004

4. Pan C, Gu X*, Chen L, et al. Driving cycle construction and combined driving   cycle prediction for fuzzy energy management of electric vehicles.   International Journal of Energy Research, 2020(35). SCI, IF=5.164

5. Pan CF, Huang AB*, He ZG, et al. Prediction of remaining useful life for   lithium-ion battery based on particle filter with residual resampling. ENERGY   SCIENCE & ENGINEERING, 2021(9). SCI, IF=4.170

6. Chaofeng Pan, Yuanxue Tao*, Qian Liu, et al. Grey wolf fuzzy optimal   energy management for electric vehicles based on driving condition   prediction, Journal of Energy Storage, 2021,44(A):103398. SCI, IF=6.583

Selected   Patents

1. Pan Chaofeng, Dai Wei, Chen Liao, Chen long, Jiang Haobin, Wang Shaohua, yuan   Chaochun, Wang Limei. A battery protection control method based on super   capacitor SOC fault identification.

2. Pan Chaofeng, Chen Liao, Chen long, Jiang Haobin, Xie Mingwei,   Zhang Xiuli, Liu Ying. A data acquisition method for braking energy recovery   system of electric vehicle.

3. Pan Chaofeng, Dai Wei, Zhang Yu, Chen Liao, Chen long, Jiang   Haobin, yuan Chaochun, Cai Yingfeng. An automatic braking control method for   heavy trucks at traffic intersections based on Internet of vehicles.

4. Pan Chaofeng, Dai Wei, Zhang Yu, Chen long, Jiang Haobin, Wang   Limei, Wang Shaohua. A predictive control method for energy management of   electric vehicles based on Internet of vehicles.

5. Pan Chaofeng, Zhou Wenjing, Chen long, Jiang Haobin, Chen Liao,   Wang Ruochen, Wang Shaohua, yuan Chaochun, Yang Xiaofeng, Zhang Xiaoliang. An   efficiency calculation model and optimization method for composite power supply   system of pure electric vehicle.

6. Pan Chaofeng, Gu Xiwei, Chen Liao, Chen long, Jiang Haobin, yuan   Chaochun, Cai Yingfeng, Liang Jun, Chen Xiaobo. A driving condition   prediction method of pure electric vehicle based on Internet of vehicles.


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