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Liang Jun


Liang Jun

Professional Title



Short Biography

Education Background

Ph.D.(2010.9-2015.6), Vehicle Operation Engineering, Jiangsu   University

M.E.(2006.9-2008.12), Pattern Recognition   and Intelligent System, Jiangsu University

B.E.(1995.9-1999.6), Computer Applications   (Mathematics), Southwest University for Nationalities

Working Experience

2016.9-now, Professor of Automotive Engineering   Research Institute, Jiangsu University

2011.2-2016.8, Associate professor of Automotive   Engineering Research Institute, Jiangsu University

1999.9-2011.1, Teaching assistant and lecturer of Automotive   Engineering Research Institute, Jiangsu University

Teaching Courses

1.Undergraduate students: Intelligent Transportation System, Modeling and Fundamentals of Transportation System, Traffic Safety and Accident Analysis, Compute Fundamentals and Programming, Software of Practical Tools, New Technology of Internet of Vehicles

2.Postgraduates:Traffic Flow Theory and Simulation   Technology, Traffic Network Analysis and Simulation   Technology, Traffic Information Control Technology and   Application

Research Fields

1. Road   traffic information safety and control

2. Vehicle   active safety theory and method

3. Intelligent   and networked technology

Research Projects

1.National Key Research and Development Project Sub-project,   “Evolution Model of Network traffic Flow in mixed Traffic environment”.2018.

2. The open project of the Key Construction Laboratory   of Transportation and Safety of Jiangsu Province-Research on the Blocking   Method and Efficiency Evaluation of Road Traffic Accident Chains on the   Internet of Vehicles Environment.2018.

3. National Key R&D Program (Basic Frontier   Category) Sub-project "Research on Heterogeneous Open Embedded Software   Platform for Smart Electric Vehicles". 2017

4. China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (First   Class): Mechanism Analysis and System Modeling of Active Vehicle Service for   Internet of Vehicles. 2016

5. The second batch of proposed funding objects for   the deputy general science and technology category of "Doctor of Double   Creation" in Jiangsu Province. 2016

6.Jiangsu Province Graduate Education Reform   Project: Independently build a driving simulation simulation platform to   cultivate graduate students' innovative ability and the reform and practice   of traffic flow theory teaching. 2016

7. National Natural Science Foundation of China:   Research on the dynamic evolution law and blocking method of the traffic   accident chain for the truth of the Internet of Vehicles. 2015

8. High-level talent selection and training project   for six talent peaks in Jiangsu Province: Research on key technologies of   active driving service system. 2015

9. Jiangsu Provincial Development and Reform   Commission Information Project: Vehicle Operation Safety Active Prevention   and Control Information Interactive System Based on Internet of Vehicles.   2013

10. National Statistical Science Research Project:   Analysis of the prosperity situation of logistics economic activities based   on the intelligent Internet of Things system. 2013

11. National Natural Science Foundation of China:   Research on Large Interval Feature Extraction Algorithm Driven by Internal   Structure of Data and Its Application. 2013

Selected Publications

1. S. Cong, W. Wang, J. Liang*, L. Chen and Y. Cai, An Automatic   Vehicle Avoidance Control Model for Dangerous Lane-Changing Behavior, in IEEE   Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, doi:   10.1109/TITS.2021.3082944.SCI, Traffic top

2. Liang Jun*, Long Chen, Cheng Xian-yi and Chen Xiao-bo, Multi-Agent and Driving Behavior   Based Rear-End Collision Alarm Modeling and Simulating[J]. Simulation   Modelling Practice and Theory. 2010.9,18(8): 1092-1103. (SCI)

3. Liang Jun, Cheng Long,   Chen Xiao-bo. Discriminant Kernel Learning Using Hybrid Regularization[J].   Neural Processing Letters. 2012.12,36(3):257-273. (SCI)

4. Jun Liang*, Feiyun Zhang, Xiao-xia Xiong, Xiaobo Chen, Long Chen, Guo-hui Lan: Manifold   Regularized Proximal Support Vector Machine via Generalized Eigenvalue. Int.   J. Computational Intelligence Systems. 2016.12, 9(6): 1041-1054. (SCI)

5. Liang J*, Chen X, He   M L, et al. Car detection and classification using cascade model[J]. IET   Intelligent Transport Systems, 2018, 12(10):1201-1209. (SCI)

6. Zhao Yucheng, Liang Jun*, Cheng Long, Cai Ying-feng, Yao Ming, Hua   Guo-dong, Zhu Ning. Driving rule extraction based on cognitive behavior   analysis [J]. Journal of Central South University, 2020, 27(1). (SCI)

7. Liang Jun *, Yang Chengcan, Wang Wensa, Chen Long, Lu Guangquan. China Journal of   Highway and Transport, 2021,34(06):172-183. (EI)

8. Liang Jun*, Wang Jun, Yang Yunqing, Chen Long, Pan Chaofeng, Lu Guangquan. Automotive   Engineering, 2021,43(02):189-195. (EI)

9. Liang Jun*, Qian Chenyang, Chen Long, Wang Wensa, Zhao Tongyang. Traffic and   transportation systems engineering and information, 2020, 20(05):36-44. (EI)

10. Liang Jun*, Zhang Wanwan, He Meiling, Chen Long, Xiong Xiaoxia, CAI Tao. Research   on evaluation method of road traffic accident chain blocking efficiency in   Internet of Vehicles environment. China Journal of Highway and Transport,   2018.4, 31 (4): 211-221. (EI)

11. Jun Liang *, Zhenchao Zhao, Long Chen, Yonglong Xu, Ning Zhu. Driving active   service Model based on MAS in Internet of Vehicles. Science China: Technology   Science, 2016, 46(12): 1303-1314.(EI)

12. Liang Jun*, Shen Weiguo, Jiang Yan, Li Shihao, Chen Long. Traffic incident   detection based on multi-agent method of vehicle network information fusion   [J]. Journal of chang'an university (natural science edition),2014,34(4):   159-166. (EI)

Selected   Patents

1. Internal   active temperature control system and method of pure electric vehicle under   Internet of vehicles environment. 2021

2. The   invention relates to a lane control system and method for autonomous driving   vehicles. 2021.

3. Warning   and disposal system and method of autonomous vehicle command disobedience   rate based on vehicle-road cooperation. 2021.

4. Three-dimensional   quantitative comprehensive evaluation method of driving behavior.2021.

5. Intelligent   navigation system and navigation method based on real-time traffic   information in Internet of vehicles environment. 2018.

6. Efficiency   evaluation method of road traffic accident chain blocking system in Internet   of Vehicles. 2018.

7. Identification   Method and System for unlicensed Driving Assistance Based on Identity   Information.2016.

8. Energy   Management method of hybrid electric Vehicle Based on Multi-agent   Technology.2016

9. Service   method of Intelligent Service system for Vehicle anchor Based on Internet of   Vehicles.2016

10. Traffic accident Modeling and Control   Method based on Sparse Multi-output Regression.2016

11. A vehicle steering and warning light fault   detection and alarm device.2016.

12. Laser Based distance Detection device and   Method between Vehicle nose and obstacle.2015.

13. Auxiliary Identification Method and System   of Vehicle Plate Occlusion.2015

14. A Real-time Road Traffic accident Risk   Control Method.2015

15. Mobile Intelligent Butler.2015

16. BDS Based Traffic Accident Information   Processing System and its Processing method.2015

17. Tire   Pressure Monitoring Method and System Based on Wireless Sensor.2014

18. An   Image Recognition Method Based on Multi-label.2013


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