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Cai YingFeng


Cai YingFeng

Professional Title



Short Biography

Education Background

Ph.D.(2009.9-2013.4), Instrument Science and Technology, Southeast   University

M.E.(2006.9-2009.1), Precision Instruments   and Machinery, Southeast University

B.E.(2002.9-2006.6), Measurement and   Control Technology and Instrumentation, Southeast University

Working Experience

2016-now, Served successively as Deputy Dean, Executive Deputy Dean, and Dean of Automotive Engineering Research Institute, Jiangsu University

2018-now, Professor of Automotive Engineering Research Institute, Jiangsu University

2017-now, PhD supervisor(Automotive Engineering/Transportation Engineering) of Automotive Engineering Research Institute, Jiangsu University

2013-2018, Served successively as lecturer and associate professor of Automotive Engineering Research Institute, Jiangsu University

Teaching Courses

1. Intelligent   Drive

2. Automotive   Testing Technology

3. Intelligent   Transportation System

4. Automotive   Feedback Control

5. Traffic   Image Detection and Analysis

6. Topics   in Automotive and Transportation

7. Leading   Lecture on Transportation Engineering

8. Traffic   and Transport Engineering

9. Vehicle   System Dynamics

10. Vehicle   Automatic Transmission Theory

Research Fields

1. Complex   environment sensing technology for multi-source heterogeneous sensor   information fusion

2. Deep-sense-based   visual saliency recognition technology

3. Multi-objective,   vertical and longitudinal dynamic decoupling control technology for intelligent   vehicles

4. Auto-driving   car driving rights switching and man-machine co-drive technology

Research Projects

Hosted Proposals:

1. Key   project of National Natural Science Foundation of China: Research on the   Mechanism of Autonomous Perception and Behavior Cognition of Intelligent   Vehicle Based on Complex Network Theory (U20A20333, 2021-2024, ¥3030000)

2. National   Specialized Research and Development Program "New Energy Vehicle"   Special Subtopic: Research and Demonstration of Key Technologies for Electric   Automatic Driving Vehicles (Sub-topic: Research on Multi-target Behavior   Recognition and Prediction Algorithms Around Vehicles) (2017YFB0102603, 2017-2021,   ¥1020000)

3. Key   project of National Natural Science Foundation of China: Intelligent Dynamic   Coordinated Control Mechanism and Energy Optimization Management for Chassis   Systems of Four-wheel Drive Pure Electric Vehicle (Topic 1: Research on Multi-agent   Coordinated Control and Energy Optimization of Pure Electric Vehicle Chassis System)   (U1664258, 2017-2020, ¥2760000/¥828000)

4. Key   project of National Natural Science Foundation of China: Hybrid Driven   Vehicle Configuration Optimization and Electromechanical Coupling Coordination   Control (Topic 2: Research on Electromechanical Coupling Mechanism of   Electromechanical Rotor System) (U1764257, 2018-2021, ¥2928000/¥732000)

5. National   Natural Science Foundation of China (face items): Research on Hybrid   Characteristics of Autonomous Vehicle Lateral Dynamics and Model Predictive   Control (51875255, 2019-2022, ¥72000)

6. National   Natural Science Foundation of China Youth Fund: Research on Video Vehicle   Sensing Method Based on Temporal-Spatial Saliency and Variable Component   Model (61403172, 2015-2017, ¥240000)

7. Young   Talents Lifting Project of China Association for Science and Technology   (2016QNRC188, 2016-2018, ¥450000)

8. Major   projects for the development of strategic emerging industries in Jiangsu   Province: Research and development of major key technologies for integrated   driving assistance systems for electric vehicles (Sufa Gaichuang (2016) No.   1094, 2016-2019, ¥10000000)

9. Innovative   Talent Team Project of Six Talent Peaks in Jiangsu Province: Research on Key   Technologies of Environment Perception and Intelligent Control for Autonomous   Electric Vehicles (2018-TD-GDZB-022, 2019-2021)

10. Jiangsu Province Key R&D Plan (Key   Technologies for Industry Preview and Commonness): Key Technologies for   Intelligent Assisted Driving Systems for Electric Vehicles (BE2016149,   2016-2019, ¥1200000)

11. Jiangsu Province Excellent Youth Fund: Research   on Theory and Method of Intelligent Car Environment Perception (BK20180100,   2018-2021)

12. China Postdoctoral Fellowship Special Grant   Program: Research on Visual Vehicle Detection Method Based on Deep Learning   in Complex Traffic Environment (2015T80511, 2015-2017)


Participating Proposals

1. Key   project of National Natural Science Foundation of China: Research on Dynamic   Behavior Modeling and Collaborative Control of Smart Vehicle Multi-state   System (U1564201, 2016-2019)

2. Major   Informatization Projects of the Ministry of Communications: Research on Key   Technologies of Road Traffic Accidents Chain Blocking Method and Active   Safety Integrated Control System (2013364836900, 2013-2016)

3. National   Natural Science Foundation of China (face items): Research on the Dynamic   Evolution of Road Traffic Accidents Chain and Its Blocking Method for Vehicle   Network (61573171, 2016)

4. Doctoral   Fund of the Ministry of Education (Priority Development Area): Dynamic   Analysis and Hybrid Control of Electronically Controlled Air Suspension   System for Electric Buses (20133227130001)

5. Jiangsu   Province's Strategic Emerging Industry Development Major Projects: Research   and Development of Key Technology for Advanced Chassis Electric Power   Integration of Pure Electric Vehicles (Sufa Gaichuangfa (2015) No. 1084, ¥10000000)

6. National   Natural Science Foundation of China Youth Fund: Research on Vehicle   Recognition Method Based on Deep Migration Learning in Complex Traffic Scene   (61601203)

7. National   Natural Science Foundation of China Youth Fund: Analysis and Control of ECAS   Vehicle Body Height Adjustment Mechanism Based on Ito Stochastic Theory   (51105117)

Selected Publications

More than 100 papers have been published in Mechanical   Systems and Signal Processing, IEEE Trans. Vehicular Technology, IEEE Trans.   on Image Processing, IEEE Trans. Intelligent Transportation Systems, Neural   Networks, and 5 representative papers are as follows:

1. A novel saliency detection algorithm based on adversarial learning   model[J]. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 2020, 29: 4489-4504. ( SCI, IF=   10.8)

2. DLnet With Training Task Conversion Stream for Precise Semantic   Segmentation in Actual Traffic Scene[J]. IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks   and Learning Systems, 2021. ( SCI, IF= 10.4)

3. Salient object detection based on multi-scale contrast[J]. Neural   Networks, 2018, 101: 47-56. ( SCI, IF= 8.0)

4. Piecewise affine modeling and hybrid optimal control of intelligent   vehicle longitudinal dynamics for velocity regulation[J]. Mechanical Systems   and Signal Processing, 2022, 162: 108089. ( SCI, IF= 6.8)

5. Pedestrian motion trajectory prediction in intelligent driving from far   shot first-person perspective video[J]. IEEE Transactions on Intelligent   Transportation Systems, 2021. ( SCI, IF= 6.5)

Selected   Patents

1. Surrounding   vehicle behavior adaptive correction prediction method based on driving   prediction field.

2. Mechanical-hydraulic   composite transmission device with participation of double hydraulic   transmission mechanisms.

3. Highway   vehicle abnormal behavior early warning system based on 5G communication.

4. Vehicle   speed optimization method based on vehicle-vehicle game and driving potential   field force in centralized confluence area.

5. Kinematics   forecast compensation mechanism-based surrounding vehicle behavior real-time   identification method.

6. Automatic   driving decision-making control method and system based on hierarchical   reinforcement learning.

7. Hydraulic-type   automatic steering system of pilotless automobile, and control method of   hydraulic-type automatic steering system.

8. Lane   change trajectory planning method based on integration of polynomial and   particle swarm optimization.

9. Intelligent   vehicle model prediction steering controller based on model reconstruction   and control method thereof.

10. Driving   steering collision early warning method.



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