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Wang Shaohua


Wang Shaohua

Professional Title



Short Biography

Education Background

Ph.D.(2005.9-2013.6), Automotive Engineering, Jiangsu University

B.E. (1997.9-2001.6), Automotive   Engineering, Jiangsu University

Working Experience

2020.7-now, Automotive Engineering Research Institute,   Jiangsu University, Professor

2014.7-2020.6, School of Automotive and Traffic   Engineering, Jiangsu University, Associate Professor

2015.9-2016.9, Wayne State University, Visiting scholar

2006.8-2014.6, School of Automotive and Traffic   Engineering, Jiangsu University, Lecturer

2001.7-2006.7, School of Automotive and Traffic Engineering,   Jiangsu University, Teaching Assistant

Teaching Courses

1. Automobile   Mechanics

2. Analysis   of Electric Vehicle System

Research Fields

1. Vehicle   system dynamics simulation and control

2. Design   and control of hybrid electric driving system

Research Projects

1. Key   Research and Development Program of Jiangsu Province: Research on key   technologies and demonstration application of intelligent connected bus based   on V2X communication  

2. Key   Research and Development Program of Zhenjiang City: Research on key   technology of new power split hybrid powertrain

3. National   Natural Science Foundation of China: Research on dynamic modeling and optimal   control for dual-planetary gear hybrid electric vehicle energy management   system based on hybrid

Selected Publications

1. Shaohua Wang*, Jiaxin   Li, Dehua Shi, et al. Energy management strategy of dual   planetary hybrid electric vehicle based on optimal transmission efficiency, Journal   of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, 2019, 57(2): 383-396.

2. Shaohua Wang, Yijia HuiXiaoqiang Sun. Neural   Network   Sliding Mode Control of Intelligent   Vehicle Longitudinal Dynamics. IEEE ACCESS, 2019, 7: 1-10

3. Shaohua Wang, Sheng Zhang, Dehua   Shi, et al. Research on hybrid modeling and predictive energy management for   power split hybrid electric vehicle. Bulletin of the Polish Academy of   Sciences Technical Sciences, 2021, 69(3): 1-15.

4. Shaohua   Wang*, Sheng Zhang, Dehua Shi, et al. Research on instantaneous   optimal control of the hybrid electric vehicle with planetary gear sets, Journal   of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering, 2019,   41(1): 51.

5. Shaohua   Wang*; Sheng Zhang; Dehua Shi; et al. Design and analysis of a coupling   mechanism with dual planetary gear sets for the power split HEV, International   Journal of Vehicle Systems Modelling and Testing, 2019, 13(3):   240-259.

6. Shaohua   Wang, Bin Xia, Chunrong He, et al. Mode   transition control for single-shaft parallel hybrid electric vehicle using   model predictive control approach. Advances in Mechanical   Engineering, 2018, 10(5): 1–10.

7. Dehua Shi, Sheng Liu,   Yingfeng Cai, Shaohua Wang*; et al. Pontryagins   minimum principle based fuzzy adaptive energy management for hybrid electric   vehicle using real-time traffic information, Applied Energy, 2021, 286: 116467.

8. Xiaodong Sun, Bokai Su, Shaohua Wang*, et al. Performance   analysis of suspension force and torque in an IBPMSM with V-shaped PMs for   flywheel batteries. IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 2018 (99): 1-4.

9. Dehua Shi, Shaohua Wang*, Yingfeng Cai, et al.   Model predictive control for nonlinear energy management of a power split   hybrid electric vehicle. Intelligent Automation and Soft Computing,   2020, 26(1): 27-39.

10. Xiaodong Sun,   Zhou Shi, Shaohua Wang, et al. Linearizing control of a permanent magnet   linear synchronous motor with inverse system scheme plus an internal model   controller. International Journal of Applied Electromagnetics and   Mechanics, 2017, 55(4): 523-534.

Selected   Patents

1. Wang   Shaohua, Yu Chengquan, Shi Dehua, et al. A novel   dual-planetary power coupling configuration and its control method for hybrid   electric vehicles.

2. Wang   Shaohua, Li Jiaxin, Shi Dehua, et al. A novel   dual-motor dual-planetary power coupling configuration with locking function   and its control method for hybrid electric vehicles.



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