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Chen Long


Chen Long

Professional Title

Professor, Ph.D.Supervisor


Short Biography

Education Background

Ph.D.(2002.9-2006.12),Vehicle Engineering,   Jiangsu University

B.E.(1978.9-1982.6), Agriculture Machinery,   Jiangsu University

Working Experience

2010.10-now, professor of Automotive Engineering   Research Institute, Jiangsu University

2008.6-2018.9 Vice-president of Jiangsu University

2007.3-2008.5 Director of Science and Technology   Department, Jiangsu University

1998.3-2007.2 Vice-president and Dean of Jingjiang   College, Jiangsu University

1993.5-1998.2 Deputy mayor of Jurong city, Jiangsu   Province

1988.1-1997.6 Vice director and Director of Automobile   Tractor Teaching and Research Office, Jiangsu University of Science and   Technology (Jiangsu University)

1982.6-1987.12 Teaching assistant and lecturer of   Agricultural Machinery, Jiangsu Institute of Technology(Jiangsu University)

Teaching Courses

Graduate   courses:

1. Vehicle   chassis structure and principle

2. Transportation   engineering frontier lecture

3. Advanced   transportation engineering

4. Transportation   systems engineering

Research Fields

1. Vehicle   dynamic performance simulation and control

2. Driving   Safety of On-road Vehicles & active control technique and theory

3. Electric   vehicle and intelligent vehicle technology

4. Traffic   safety and management

5. Logistics   technology

6. Vehicle   transportation planning and management

Research Projects

1. National   Natural Science Foundation of China, Research on high mobility driving state   decision-making mechanism and chassis integrated control of emergency rescue   vehicle under vehicle-road cooperation environment

2. National   Natural Science Foundation of China, Research on dynamic behavior modeling   and cooperative control of intelligent vehicle multi-state system

3. National   Key Research and Development Program, Intelligent sensing technology of   bicycle based on multi-source heterogeneous information fusion

4. Key Research   and Development Program of Jiangsu Province, New energy vehicle chassis   electric integration system for intelligent transportation key technologies   and vehicle integration

Selected Publications

1. Wang HX,   Chen L*, Sun XD, Cai YF, Diao KK.   Design optimization and analysis of a segmented-rotor switched reluctance   machine for BSG application in HEVs. International Journal of Applied   Electromagnetics and Mechanics, 2020. (SCI)

2. Wang JJ,   Chen L*, Wang RC, Men XP, Shi DH.   Design and experimental research on electromagnetic active suspension with   energy-saving perspective. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical   Engineers, Part C: Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science, 2020. (SCI)

3. Liu CN,   Chen L*, Zhang XL, Yang XF.   Stability analysis of semi-active inerter-spring-damper suspensions based on   time-delay. Journal of theoretical and applied mechanics, 2020. (SCI)

4. Chen L, Qin DF, Xu X*, Cai YF, Xie J. A path and velocity   planning method for lane changing collision avoidance of intelligent vehicle   based on cubic 3-D Bezier curve. Advances in engineering software, 2019.   (SCI)

5. Chen L, Xu RY, Rao WN, Li HH*, Yang T, Jiang HB.   Electrochemical Model Parameter Identification of Lithium-Ion Battery with   Temperature and Current Dependence. International Journal of Electrochemical   Science, 2019. (SCI)

6. Shi DH Pisu P Chen L* Wang SH Wang RG. Control design and fuel economy investigation   of power split HEV with energy regeneration of suspension. Applied energy,   2016.(SCI)

7. Xiong   XX Chen L* Liang J. A New Framework of Vehicle   Collision Prediction by Combining SVM and HMM. IEEE Transactions on   Intelligent Transportation Systems, 2018. (SCI)

8. Sun XQ Cai YF Wang SH Xu X Chen L*. Piecewise Affine Identification of Tire Longitudinal Properties   for Autonomous Driving Control Based on Data-Driven. IEEE Access,2018. (SCI)

9. Chen T Chen L* Cai YF Xu X. Robust sideslip angle observer with regional   stability constraint for an uncertain singular intelligent vehicle system.   IET Control Theory and Applications, 2018. (SCI)

10. Shi DH* Chen L Wang RC Jiang HB Shen YJ. Design and experiment study of a semi-active   energy-regenerative suspension system. Smart Materials and Structures2015. (SCI)

11. Shen YJ Chen L* Yang XF Shi DH   Yang J. Improved design of dynamic vibration absorber by using the inerter   and its application in vehicle suspension. Journal of Sound and Vibration2016. (SCI)

12. Chen T Chen L* Xu X Cai YF   Jiang HB Sun   XQ. Estimation of Longitudinal Force and Sideslip Angle for Intelligent   Four-Wheel Independent Drive Electric Vehicles by Observer Iteration and   Information Fusion[J]. Sensors2018. (SCI)

13. Sun XQ* Cai YF Chen L   Liu YL Wang   SH. Vehicle height and posture control of the electronic air suspension   system using the hybrid system approach. Vehicle System Dynamics2016. (SCI)

14. Chen L*   Shi DH Wang   RC Zhou   HW. Energy Conservation Analysis and Control of Hybrid Active Semiactive   Suspension with Three Regulating Damping Levels. Shock and Vibration2016. (SCI)

15. Chen L*   Liu CN Liu W Nie JM Shen YJ Chen GT. Network synthesis and parameter optimization   for vehicle suspension with inerter. Advances in Mechanical Engineering2017. (SCI)

Selected   Patents

1. An   adaptive E-H switching coordination control method for hybrid electric   vehicle based on parameter observation, 2020

2. A   pavement adaptive hybrid control method for intelligent vehicle lateral   control, 2020

3. The   utility model relates to a suspension vibration energy driven braking system

4. A   fault-tolerant control method for path tracking of driverless vehicles with   distributed drive, 2020

5. The invention   relates to an electronic slip-limiting differential device and a control   method thereof, 2019

6. An   intelligent electric bus and its wireless charging platform, 2019

7. The   invention discloses an intelligent parking space with auxiliary parking   function and a control method thereof, 2019

8. The   utility model relates to a pneumatic linkage device of a reduction belt and a   stop rod, 2019

9. The   invention discloses a car door with power generation function and a control   method thereof, 2018

10. An   improved ceiling control method for energy regenerative suspension system, 2018

11. The   utility model relates to a spring damping inertial capacity integrated   suspension, 2018

12. The   utility model relates to an active hydraulic interconnected energy   regenerative suspension, 2017

13. The   utility model relates to an energy regenerative vibration isolation device, 2017

14. The   utility model relates to a new braking energy recovery device for new energy   vehicles, 2017

15. The   utility model relates to a thermal management system for automotive lithium   battery pack, 2017



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