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Held “Kohler” innovation competition of power technology
  • On December 11th, School of Automotive and Traffic Engineering held "green future" in the lecture hall 311 - launching ceremony on Kohler innovation contest of power technology and donation of Kohler engine. Liu zhiqiang, secretary of the school party committee, vice president Luo fuqiang, and Wang shaohua, vice secretary of party committee, accompanying with Liu Rong, the minister for the project of the education development foundation of Jiangsu University, and Li weidong ,Kohler engine's Asia Pacific Product Engineering Director, Yao lifeng, the manufacturing engineer of Kohler’s Electric power system (China), including the personals Cheng wenyan and Jia liying, the counselors and representatives of students attended the launching ceremony as well, which was held by Zhang yubao.

    This innovation competition aimed to strengthen the cooperation relationship between Kohler and Jiangsu University, especially the relationship with the School of Automotive and Traffic Engineering, relying on first-class teaching background of Jiangsu University, and attracting more talents of the new era.

    In addition to sponsoring the innovation competition, Kohler company also presented three engines to the School of Automotive and Traffic Engineering, including engine Kohler XT173, Kohler CH440 and CH740 respectively for teaching and scientific research for our students.

    Finally, the secretary Luo fuqiang announced that the innovation contest of Kohler power technology started officially, and wish a great success of the competition.

    After the ceremony, representatives of the Kohler Company and the school leaders discussed the cooperation matters in scientific research and visited the center of the laboratory of School of Automotive and Traffic Engineering