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The National Engineering Research Center of Hybrid Electric Vehicles Technology
  •     Hybrid vehicle technology development platform is established to solve the problem of the ability of self-dependent innovation of hybrid electric vehicles in China, which is also meet the urgent demand of vehicles on performance match and electric control technology. We do researches on key technology of development of hybrid vehicle power system electromechanical coupling control, drive control, system dynamics performance of vehicle chassis, and also break through the key technology of hybrid intelligent control system, electrified chassis integration and energy recovery and management, which meets the demand of promotion of energy-saving and new energy automotive industry innovation capacity and regional economic development.

        Main tasks:

        1. Researches on Strategy, Standard and Specification of Hybrid Vehicle Engineering Development 

        The center is going to make full use of the platform and talent resources of National Engineering Research Center. It carries out the researches on the development strategic study of hybrid electric vehicle project and related technology. The theory basis for the national strategy and policy to develop hybrid vehicle will be provided. This center will play a main role of National Engineering Research Center to provide the theoretical basis and research results for the industries and enterprises to formulate relevant standards and specifications.

        2. Improvement of Ability of Various Types of Hybrid Electric Vehicle Test and Analysis 

        The vehicle system of a hybrid electric vehicle is a complex system which relates to the mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, control engineering and many other disciplines and technology. Its performance is affected by factors related to many subjects. We should take full consideration of factors into account before the optimization of the vehicle and its control system. As a result, the vehicle performance will be improved and the design and the manufacturing cost of the vehicle will be reduced. Therefore, it is important to improve the hybrid vehicle simulation test and analysis ability.At present, the general simulation test technology has been relatively mature, however, these methods only solve pure computer simulation, which is too simplified and ideal. Hybrid electric vehicles are high technology products, which is the multidisciplinary integration. The existing technology is unable to meet their actual requirements on performance test and analysis. According to the actual situation, the engineering center applied the hardware in the loop simulation test technology. The simulation model of the hybrid vehicle in real time was establish. A system was established by connecting the hardware interface of the control unit with interfaces of computer. A simulation of the operating mode was built, and the simulation testing platform is simple and flexible. Through this method, we can realize the control of test and verify the function of the system. It not only shortened the development cycle, but also improved the efficiency. As a result, all kinds of hybrid vehicle test and analysis ability were improved.

        3. Break through the Key Technology of Hybrid Vehicles Emerging Industrialization

        Developing hybrid electric vehicles is one of the effective means to ensure the sustainable development of China's auto industry, since the pure electric vehicles and other new energy automotive technology is not yet mature to ease the pressure of energy conservation and emission reduction which are increasingly severe. It also help the realization of the traditional automobile industry of our country the strategic transformation. However, many key technologies still remains to be broke through to realize the industrialization of hybrid electric vehicles. Such as, battery and its management system, motor and drive control system, powertrain technology, key parts and components testing technology and system optimization.

        4. The Establishment of Personnel Training and Engineering Technology Exchange Center

        Graduate and doctoral stations will be established combined w

    ith school teaching tasks to train all kinds of talents which the industry need. The exchange and discussion meetings will be organized which are mainly about latest engineering technology and cutting-edge technology of hybrid electric vehicles.