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Electric Vehicle Drive & Control

  • The Electric Vehicle Drive and Control Research Center (EVDC) has a long history of research, development, and education projects related to vehicle dynamics especially advanced chassis system, electric and hybrid vehicles, dating back to the end 1990s. Vehicle electrification has been a major thrust of EVDC research and development, as well as engineering services activities.

    The EVDC research center collaborates with a number of industry leaders in the area of vehicle electrification and hybridization. Examples of partners and sponsors include XCMG, CHERY, CHANGAN, JIANGSU GANGYANG, JIANGSU CHAOLI, EON, National Science Foundation of China, and Jiangsu Provincial Science Foundation.

    With areas of expertise ranging from modeling, testing, diagnostics, controls and vehicle prototyping, the dedicated researchers at EVDC know exactly what it takes to produce a high-performance vehicle. EVDC researchers work to:

    Match and design the electric and hybrid propulsion system

    3-D design and optimize the electric motors

    Design the motor drive controllers

    Design the Power Management System (PMS) for electric and hybrid vehicles

    Develop the advanced suspension such as ECAS, ISD

    Develop the advanced steering system such as controller of EPS for sedan, EHPS for commercial vehicles

    Provide a suite of experimental facilities that include hybrid powertrain, electric machine and chassis dynamometer facilities, as well as BMS/MMC/HCU HiL testing, characterization and system integration capabilities. 

    Research Areas

    Vehicle Dynamics and Control

    Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

    Drive Motors and Control for EV (BLDC, PMSM, SRM)

    Advanced Suspension System (Inertia Suspension, Air Suspension, Electromagnetic Suspension)

    Advanced Steering System (EPS, EHPS)




    1. Mechanism Analysis and Control of Ride Height Adjustment System Based on Ito Stochastic Theory for ECAS Vehicle


    National Science Foundation of China


    Xing XU

    2012 to 2014

    2. A Novel Magnetic Levitation Direct Drive Spindle for CNC Machines and its Coordinated Fault-Tolerant Control


    National Science Foundation of China


    Xiaodong SUN

    2014 to 2016


    1. Overview of bearingless permanent magnet synchronous motors

    Xiaodong Sun*, Long Chen, and Zebin Yang.

    Journal article IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics

    2. Speed-sensorless vector control of a bearingless induction motor with artificial neural network inverse speed observer

    Xiaodong Sun*, Long Chen, Zebin Yang, and Huangqiu Zhu

    Journal article IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics

    3. Analysis of inductance characteristics for a bearingless permanent magnet synchronous motor

    Xiaodong Sun*, Long Chen, Zebin Yang, and Huangqiu Zhu.

    Journal article Electrical Engineering

    4. Application of LSSVM inverse in a variable frequency induction motor drive system

    Xiaodong Sun*, Huangqiu Zhu, and Zebin Yang.

    Journal article Transactions of the Institute of Measurement and Control

    5. Neuron PID control for a BPMSM based on RBF neural network on-line identification

    Xiaodong Sun*, and Huangqiu Zhu.

    Journal article Asian Journal of Control

    6. Dynamic ride height adjusting controller of ECAS vehicle with random road disturbances.

    Xu Xing*, Chen Long, Sun Liqin, and Sun Xiaodong

    Journal article Mathematical Problems in Engineering

    7.Stability analysis of ECAS ride height system based on center manifold method

    Xu Xing*, Sun Liqin, Cui Zhen, and Ju Longyu

    Journal article Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience

    8. Hierarchical Control of Ride Height System for Electronically Controlled Air Suspension Based on Variable Structure and Fuzzy Control Theory

    Xu Xing*, Zhou Kongkang, Zou Nannan, Jiang Hong, and Cui Xiaoli.

    Journal article Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering

    9. Design and test of vehicle suspension system with inerters

    Wang Ruochen*, Meng Xiangpeng, Shi Dehua, Zhang Xiaoliang

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    10. Integrated control of semi-active suspension and electric power steering based on multi-agent system

    Wang Ruochen*, Chen Long, Jiang Haobin.

    Journal article International Journal of Bio-inspired Computation