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  • Recruitment Advertising of Jiangsu University Automotive Engineering Research Institute

    Jiang Su University automotive engineering research institute is a full-time relatively independent operation of scientific research institution at Jiang Su University. Relying on School of Automotive and Traffic Engineering,Transportation Engineering, related disciplines,and using appropriate research facilities resources,the institution mainly engage in basic theory ,high-tech research and development ,application of a car-based vehicle engineering and traffic engineering.

    According to the development plan and the actual needs of Jiang Su University Automotive Engineering Research Institute:

    1. Now facing internal and external open recruitment of full-time research staff.

    2. Now facing the open recruitment of full-time, part-time academic leaders or leaders direction.

    (Automotive Engineering Research Institute has fixed research echelon staff.)


    1.Moral,rigorous style of study, physical and mental health; rigorous and correct academic attitude, a strong sense of team; no intellectual property disputes. 

    2.Disciplines and research experience: Vehicle engineering, or engage in a carrier vehicle for mechanical design and manufacturing, materials science, electrical and automation control, new energy, power machinery,transportation engineering, traffic information engineering and control, communications and information systems, pattern recognition and intelligent control cross research disciplines.

    (Specific number of requirements,please see the attachment)

    Candidates academic leaders or orientation leaders,in principle, meet the appropriate conditions specified in Jiang Su University.

    3. Degree: foreign or domestic famous universities (research institutions) doctoral graduate and doctorate.

    4. Age: In principle, no more than 40 years, no-school service personnel candidates or orientation leaders of academic leaders, aged generally not more than 50 years .

    The assessment:

    According to “Engineering Institute, construction and operation methods of Jiang Su University campus” and corresponding provision of Jiang Su University academic leaders or leaders of direction.


    Contact Address: No. 301, Xuefu Road, Zhenjiang, 212013. Jiangsu Province, P.R.China

    Contacts: Chaochun Yuan or Yanling Liu. 

    Tel:86-511-88782956,15050890866(Teacher Yuan)

          86-511-88782845,13775350008(Teacher Liu)

    E-mail:yuancc_78@163.com(Teacher Yuan)

            liuyl@ujs.edu.cn (Teacher Liu)

    Accessory: personnel requirements planning of Automotive Engineering Research Institute 2015