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Academic leaders
  • Chen long:

    Born in 1958, member of China Communist Party, professor,doctoral tutor. Now he is the vice president、the party committee standing committee of Jiang Su University, and is the director of Jiang Su Province Key Laboratory of New Technology Application of Carriage Tool、the president of Jiang Su University school of Automotive and Traffic Engineering、Jiang Su Province "National Key Construction Points of Cultivation"—— the leader of Vehicle Operation Engineering PhD, the leader of Jiang Su University top talents and technology innovation team 。He has 3 times successively commended to be Jiang Su Province outstanding educator, outstanding communist party member education system in Jiang Su Province, Jiang Su Province outstanding science and technology deputy mayor. 

    He has been engaged in vehicle engineering teaching and scientific research work for a long time, and published nearly 100 papers in <Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering>、<Automotive Engineering>、<China Mechanical Engineering>< Acta Armamentarii><Advances in Materials Manufacturing Science and Technology>< Transactions of the Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery ><Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering>, Where SCI, EI collects more than 80 papers. He has chaired completed 3 National Natural Science Fund Project, the National High Technology Research and Development Program of China, nearly 20 provincial scientific research projects. He has won 2 first prices of the Provincial Department of science and technology progress, 6 second prices, 2 third prices, and won the first prize of teaching achievement of Jiang Su Province, applicated and authorized nearly 30invention patents.He has won the title of "mechanical industry excellent youth of science and technology" and "machinery industry youth science experts".,and was appointed as the editorial committee of " Chinese Journal of Automotive Engineering  " and " Transactions of the Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery ".He determined to be the young scientist of outstanding achievement of Jiang Su province、Jiang Su Province "national key construction points of cultivation"—— the leader of vehicle operation engineering Ph.D, the Jiang Su University top talents and technology innovation team leader.

    Jiang Haobin:

    Born in 1969.10, Jiang Su Qi Dong. Member of the Communist Party of China、 professor、doctoral tutor. He received his PhD in 2000.  Now he is the director of Automobile and Traffic Engineering of Jiang Su University School 、deputy director of Jiangs Su Province Engineering Key Laboratory、academic committee secretary of Jiangs Su province Road Carrying  Application Key Laboratory of New Technology Tools ,Jiang Su province "Lan Qing Project" excellent young backbone teachers develop target、the first develop target of the outstanding young teacher of the Jiang Su University "top-notch talent project" 、Jiang Su Province"333 project" third level of develop  target, Jiang Su province "six talent peaks" develop target. He edited 2 teaching materials, published more than 40 theses. He has won twice the Provincial Department of science and technology achievement first prize ,5 times second prize.,and won the "Zhen Jiang outstanding young experts" title in 2009.